Collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs? Then, you have come to the right place. By virtue of our experience spread over 50 years, we at Schulte Kartonagen have been reliably supporting our customers across whole of Europe. Besides standard packaging, like collapsible boxes, we have been supplying collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-out of various packaging and batch sizes to our satisfied customers. We at Josef Schulte GmbH have the ideal packaging solution even for any of your applications.

Collapsible cardboard boxes from the professionalsCollapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs from Schulte Kartonagen

Due to the interplay between the plane and corrugated paper, the corrugated board is an unbelievably stable and, therefore, an ideal packaging material to provide efficient protection for the product. Moreover, the use of high-quality corrugated board enables us to manufacture our products, bearing in mind of environment-friendly, flexible and sustainable practices. Because of the excellent processability of the corrugated board, we are able to manufacture individualized packaging materials according to our customers’ requirements. The possibilities of designs extend from standardized collapsible boxes and collapsible cut-outs to individualized and innovative packaging concepts.

Collapsible cartons made of corrugated board

Our collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs are made of resilient corrugated board; they provide, therefore, absolute protection to the packaged item. Collapsible cartons are often a standard solution – it can be even quite exciting. In our wide range of products, you can be sure to find collapsible cartons in different quality grades, sizes and designs. Standard products are nothing to be ashamed of!

Collapsible cut-outs

At first, collapsible cut-outs are placed around the product to be packaged and then folded up; only then, in the next step, the collapsible cut-out is held tightly by adhesive tape or liquid adhesive. When selecting the collapsible cut-out for production, we accurately follow your requirements and your product. In this way, we can ensure simple handling and packaging solutions made to measure.

Collapsible boxes

Customers can fold up collapsible boxes, with just a few quick hand manoeuvres, into a box. Thanks to simple handling, they are mostly used for product shipments. If a more time efficient placement of cardboard boxes is required, we recommend a collapsible carton with automatic base, which we manufacture with great devotion, using our collapsible box gluing machines.

Shipping boxes/ secondary packaging

In the case of some products in the market, some retailers exhibit the original packaging together with the product with elaborate creativity. That’s where our shipping box comes into play: it protects the item during transport against dirt and damage; finally, the product with its faultless packaging becomes a thing of attraction for one and all at the retailer end.

Sales displays

Sales displays are placed directly at the Point of Sale in order to achieve a sales promoting effect on your customers. For this purpose, corrugated board is ideally suited as an advertising object: thanks to the latest printing technology, any motif can be imaged in high resolution quality on corrugated board; thus, your company has the chance to produce a unique design. Just speak to us, we will be happy to advise you.

Corrugated formats for every requirementSingle corrugated collapsible boxes and triple corrugated collapsible cartons

At Schulte Kartonagen you will find individualized packaging solutions for the B2B sector. From standard collapsible cartons to individualized collapsible cut-outs, we at Josef Schulte GmbH can deliver everything that you need for protecting, transporting, storing and shipping your products safely and without damage. From single corrugated collapsible cartons for light-weight and non-sensitive products to triple corrugated collapsible cartons for particularly high stability and safety, we offer everything that you need and that just-in-time.

Collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs of different grades of strength and sizes

We offer a choice of collapsible cartons, collapsible boxes and collapsible cut-outs of the right size and strength. From single to triple corrugated collapsible cartons, we identify and produce for you exactly such a packaging solution that you need. Thanks to the innovative and easily mountable form of the collapsible cartons and collapsible boxes, the cardboard boxes can be transformed into a spacious packaging with just a few hand manoeuvres. In this respect, our experts take care of optimal palletization in order to ensure space-saving storage.

Robust triple corrugated collapsible carton for export shipments

Is a single or double corrugated packaging not sufficient? No problem! Even in this case, we are there to help you. If a product is expected to cover a relatively long transport distance or it is an overseas transport, we recommend a triple corrugated type. The triple corrugated variety promises right stability and, thus, ensures unscathed transport. Whether it is a scratch-susceptible furniture item or an expensive industrial component: we at Schulte Kartonagen easily assess and produce your packaging solution for you, mindful of environmental concerns. Allow us now to advise you about the possibilities Josef Schulte GmbH can offer.

Collapsible cartons with single or double corrugation

Our single corrugated collapsible carton is used as a packaging solution for robust and resistant products with less weight, whereas the double corrugated carton is suitable for medium to heavy products, which are protected by its double layer of corrugated board and, thus, ensure secure and unscathed transport of your products. Regardless of whether tools or machine components in the automotive industry or items in the food and beverage industry, a double corrugated carton makes sure that your goods are sure to arrive safely at the destination.

Product diversity available with Josef Schulte GmbHCollapsible cartons and much more!

With over 50 years of experience and a product portfolio of more than 10,000 cardboard box products, we attach great importance to quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers. This also applies to our Packaging and our Cartons made to measure. Whether they are die-cut packaging and furniture packaging for the furniture industry, heavy cargo packaging and pallet containers for the industry or collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs for the food and beverage industry: at Schulte Kartonagen you can be sure to find the right solution.

Even for niche areas we will find a suitable special solution, like for the areas of insulation materials, textiles, metal processing and plastics processing. You don’t have to make compromises – if you decide for the high-quality and environmentally compatible packaging solutions from Schulte Kartonagen!

Quality and timely delivery for your success Reliable delivery of your packaging solutions

As a long-standing manufacturer in the packaging industry, we are well aware of what is important when designing new and innovative solutions for our customers. In that respect, for us, as a family-managed company, factors like highest quality, transparency and reliability are close to our hearts. You will be guided by our competent consulting and counterpart managers, from the time of identifying and finding the solution until the next production and timely delivery – all from a single source. How do we do that? Of course, our well-trained employees, flat hierarchies, quick decision-making procedures and consistent process optimization make it possible.

Benefit from our long-standing experience and our flexible and environmentally aware just-in-time logistics management that enable us to implement even custom-made products and small production volumes with short delivery times. Ask for a consultancy appointment and identify the suitable types of collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs for your requirements.

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