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We of Josef Schulte GmbH are cardboard box manufacturers, backed by over 50 years of professional experience in manufacturing cardboard boxes and packaging solutions for our long-standing customers. As a family-managed enterprise with a proud product portfolio of more than 10,000 different cardboard boxes, our primary emphasis is on the quality of our packaging innovations and the satisfaction of our customers across Europe.

The management and our well-coordinated Service Team make sure that our customers can rely on our dependable support. We manage our integrated processes reliably by handling operations such as requirements analysis, sampling, production and final delivery – all from a single source. Find now your choice of corrugated cardboard boxes suited to your requirements.

The range of services available at Schulte Kartonagen


Collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs

Custom-made cartons

Services offered by Josef Schulte GmbH
Product range and areas of competence

As manufacturers of cardboard boxes, we at Schulte Kartonagen have a holistic approach to your concerns – from the instance of personalized consulting, samples and concept creation up to the point of final production and prompt delivery of your products. Our entire team will always provide support for your needs and you will never have to feel left out in the rain.

Besides niche articles and small runs, our versatile and ever-growing range of products cover also collapsible cartons and collapsible cut-outs, die-cut and furniture cover packaging materials, shipping boxes and pallet containers and heavy cargo packaging made of a variety of corrugated board formats. In addition to these, we as innovative cardboard box manufacturers also develop tailor-made individual solutions for our customers. In this regard, we attach great importance to quality and sustainability of our products.

Quality Assurance is a high priority for us. The packaging leaves our factory only after a thorough inspection.
Mutual support is close to our hearts. We are a team.
Constant technical development of machines and processes for more possibilities and individualized customer orientation.

Why corrugated board?

Our environment is unique and it is very dear to our heart. Corrugated board as raw material is by all odds not only sustainable, it also provides effective protection for the product, for which relatively less material is used. The other advantages are that corrugated board is of low weight, and it can be machine-processed excellently. The price-to-performance ratio is unbeatable. Corrugated board offers, moreover, practically unlimited possibilities of shapes: from simple packaging to attractive sales display models. In a nutshell, it is the ideal material compatible with the environment.

Highly sensitive products are optimally protected by pliable cellulose.
We also produce individualized U profiles and edge protection made of corrugated board to cater to every need.

The manufacturer’s range of competence in cardboard boxes

For years, Josef Schulte GmbH has been known for top-class quality, prompt deliveries and customer orientation. Of late, the company’s areas of competence have widened remarkably, reflecting its notable success. Our customers can be found in various industry sectors, such as the furniture industry, the automotive industry, the machine building, including other areas like the food and beverage industry. Naturally, we also develop specialized solutions and packaging systems whatever your area of application is.

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… and every day it is more.

The strengths of Josef Schulte GmbH
That’s what distinguishes us and our work

What makes Josef Schulte GmbH so strong is the fact that we can comfortably execute any custom-made design and even small orders with short delivery times. This is possible simply because the dedicated team members of Josef Schulte GmbH in the production and internal services divisions work optimally, whenever qualified consulting becomes necessary and environment-friendly solutions have to be found. Moreover, our customers also benefit from many other advantages of our cardboard manufacturing.

Why us?
Josef Schulte GmbH is on your side as a partner

Know more about us
Enterprise story of Josef Schulte GmbH

Sande 1965: Josef Schulte gets a brilliant idea and he decides to put it into action with much devotion, patience and creativity; that is how the cornerstone for our company was laid.

Just 5 years later the company first relocates to Ostenland.

Another 11 years later the company acquires the first fully automated processing machine.

Demand for our corrugated board packaging material keeps increasing and we need again more place. Another administrative wing is built.

In 2011 our company continues to grow and this results in one more shop-floor with enough space for our new machines.

Following the installation of an automated floor conveyor system, not only is our efficiency improved but also the quality of our work.

We are happy to receive our new machine, because the FKM has quite a few things up its sleeve: now we can offer our customers packaging system with an automatic base.

It was always important for us to gradually increase our machinery. Just after 2 years a flat-bed die-cutting machine is integrated into our production.
Today we are a proud team comprising over 110 employees, a production area of nearly 25,000 m² and cater to more than 3,500 customers. And we continue to grow.

The team at Schulte Kartonagen Collectively strong for a collective success

As a long-standing family-managed enterprise with over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of cardboard boxes, on request, we also offer individualized solutions to our customers. In order to always ensure the quality, sustainability and prompt delivery of our products, our team members work hand in hand for a collective success and, consequently, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Our secret formula is just simple: we attach great importance to mutual respect and consideration for each other. Flat hierarchies, short communication lines and regular exchange of ideas among members, makes us into a strong team. Read more about us and become part of Josef Schulte GmbH!

Dietmar Schulte (Management)
Pascal Pöhler (Assistant to the management)
Tobias Krauß (External service)
Marion Schumacher (External service)
Dirk Protte (External service)
Mehmet Pamukcu-Koch (Development)
René Merschmann (Development)
Helmut Heithecker (Sales Management)
Karl Jostwerner (Distribution)
Karl-Heinz Büser (Distribution)
Beate Lange (Distribution)
Saskia Lindert (Order processing)
Sarah Neumann (Distribution)
Elena Neumann (Distribution/ Marketing/ Social Media)


Our environment and excellent quality of our packaging systems are particularly close to our heart. That is the reason why our Josef Schulte GmbH has been certified as FSC and DIN ISO 9001:2015 compliant for years now.

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