Custom-made cartons

Whether you need cartons made to measure, edge-protection by corrugated board or individualized packaging, keep in mind that we are your competent partner for the manufacture of packaging materials and individualized packaging solutions, by virtue of our product portfolio comprising more than 10,000 diversified products and years of experience spread over 50 years in the packaging industry.

Our in-house R&D division enables us to design and produce individualized samples within 24 hours in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Being flexible and quick, we are fully capable of implementing innovative product solutions. Once the optimal packaging solution has been meticulously planned, developed and quality controlled, the production takes off as scheduled.

Individualized packagingInnovative development at Josef Schulte GmbH

We at Josef Schulte GmbH are the specialists for special design packaging and custom-made cartons in small and medium, including large batch sizes. From die-cut packaging and edge protected packaging, our own fleece concepts and corrugated board padding to exclusive solutions for niche areas, we at Schulte Kartonagen develop packaging solutions made to measure for you.

Die-cut packaging

die-cut packaging is cut packaging consisting of corrugated board. Our die-cut packaging materials are specifically customized to products as per your requirements. An individualized, customer-owned tool guarantees neat and dimensionally accurate production of packaging. Together with you, we develop the optimal solutions for your requirements.

Padded cartons

For safe transport of your highly sensitive products, there are packaging solutions made of corrugated board with special padding properties suitable for the purpose. Whenever we develop new packaging solutions, we rely on our long-standing experience, constant innovations in the market and on our extensive know-how itself in order to make your individualized cartons made to measure a reality.

Fleece concept

especially for the furniture industry Schulte Kartonagen has developed the fleece concept, in which pliable cellulose is laminated on the insides of the corrugated board packaging in order to guarantee maximum protection and safety for goods with extremely scratch-susceptible surfaces. For every demand a customer may have, the ideal solution is always possible – with Josef Schulte GmbH.

U Profiles and edge protection

Do you have a product that has delicate corners and edges? Our edge protected profiles are so designed to provide unique protection particularly to such delicate points. Just speak to us and we will find the suitable and individualized solution that takes care of protecting the product’s edges.

Other packaging systems from Josef Schulte GmbHStandard packaging and customized solutions

Besides developing individualized packaging concepts and cartons made to measure, we also offer you a vast choice of standard packaging of different batch sizes for every purpose, which covers Packaging like Collapsible cartons and Collapsible cut-outs, Pallet containers, Cut-outs made of corrugated board, Heavy cargo packaging, One-way pallets, Sales displays, Shipping cartons and many more. We manufacture our packaging systems using high-quality corrugated board which makes it an environment-friendly, cost-effective and stable packaging solution. We will be happy to advise you in detail to arrive at the most efficient packaging solution for your products. We look forward to receiving a call from you.

Individualized packaging at Schulte KartonageCreative, innovative and flexible

As a family-managed manufacturer of cardboard boxes, we have stringent demands on the quality of our cardboard boxes so that our customers are fully satisfied. Our special strength is that our manufacturing procedures are flexible, so that we can find the individualized packaging solution for different batch sizes and even comply with short delivery schedules. Thanks to years of experience and customers across a wide range of industry sectors, we were able to widen our areas of competence over the years, which has given us the advantage today in the development of individualized packaging solutions and cartons made to measure. Whether it is the automotive industry, the machine tool industry, the food and beverage industry or other segments handling insulation material, textiles, metal processing and plastics processing: our team at Schulte Kartonagen, representing the production, logistics and internal services, works hand in hand to find the most suitable packaging solutions for you and produce custom-made cartons for you.

For the furniture industry, we have developed a fleece concept in our in-house R&D division, which is used for cladding the corrugated board and for protecting the scratch-susceptible products. Regardless of whether you are looking for die-cut packaging, padded cartons, protection for edges or cartons made to measure, at Schulte Kartonagen, we will find the ideal packaging solution for your range of applications.

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